Pipes / Mechanical Applications

Pipes / Mechanical Applications document

Help Prevent
Future Failures

Unlike other devices, STI Marine Collars are engineered so pads firmly grip the pipe until properly attached and don’t slide down in overhead conditions.

pipe collars' scratch resistance

STI versus Others

When pipe vibration occurs, STI’s robust intumescent liner protects pipes from potential damage while other solutions with sharp metal edges make direct contact.

Competitive collars have sharp edges that typically scratch and damage plastic pipes due to excessive vibration. Over time, these conditions can cause excessive pipe damage and potential failures.

large diameter pipe collar

GRE/GRP Large Diameter Firestop Collars available in sizes ranging from 300 to 700 mm

collar with putty

Combine with STI Marine Firestop Putty to seal multiple pipe penetrations.

collar with joiner panel

Hard core joiner panel solutions are available with the use of our MFC firestop collars.