In a shipyard not too far from reality…

Mar 30, 2020 by Terry Mannion, Manager - Marine Sector Development

Production Meeting Notes
SandBar Shipbuilders
April 1, 2020
Hull 666 M/V Arc

Mr. Jones, Yard Superintendent, opened with a Safety Briefing about company policies on Covid 19 and Personal Protection Equipment.

Mr. Smith, Project Manager for Hull 666, M/V Arc, reminded all that the ship sails next week. He received reports from the Hull, Mechanical, Joiner, Piping and Electrical Department Leads.

Owner’s Rep Noah asked where his Dry Land Detector device was installed; Amidst finger-pointing , all remained silent, as it was dropped into the bilge and no cable had ever been pulled to connect it to the sky hook sensors.

Supervisors, Boudreaux and Thibodaux discussed with Alexander, the XYZ Surveyor, the close-ups of electrical and pipe penetrations to meet the XYZ Type Approvals. Also, grave concern about what was required to rout the Dry Land Detector cable from the bilge to the Pilot House.

Warehouse Manager Bubba and Purchasing Manager Adam remained silent amidst the finger-pointing when expired firestop materials and filler block shortages were reported onboard the Arc.

So, with 2020 perfect hindsight vision, here is the answer to the M/V Arc sailing next week…

Let STI Marine be one of your Strategic Partners. With a commitment to use STI Marine, we will:

  • Act as consultants to coordinate all aspects of firestop selection throughout the design and new build / repair process
  •  Provide support by working remotely with your Design Team
  • Deliver in-depth product and installation training
  • Offer insight and ship checks to ensure proper installation of firestop solutions

If supply chain interruptions are of concern to you, please let STI Marine Firestop take some of that worry off your plate. We are ready, willing, and able to support SandBar Shipbuilders, and the M/V Arc…and your shipyard

STI Marine Firestop’s EZ-Path® Marine Cable Transits are self-sealing and are able to accommodate cable moves, adds, and changes without the labor and material expense to remove and replace compression blocks or sealing compounds.

STI Marine Firestop Collars handle pipe penetrations through fire-rated divisions with ease, whether watertight or non-watertight

STI Mpact solutions offer flexibility to handle multiple pipe and cable penetrations.

Things seem to be changing in the Shipyards with new worries about the supply chain and the stocking of needed supplies in the yard warehouse. That being said, the message is a new one: Why risk interruptions in these uncertain times? Partner with STI Marine Firestop. For more information, and to put STI Marine to the test, visit