New & Improved Type Approvals – Marine Firestop Collars

Aug 02, 2019 by Peter Schmitt, Project Engineer - Marine

STI Marine, a Division of Specified Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce the release of three new type approval certificates, issued by the United States Coast Guard, Lloyd’s Register and RINA, for the Marine Firestop Collar product line. Copies of these approvals are available on our website at Not only do these type approval certificates feature our most recent testing for a wide variety of pipe types and sizes, but also a significantly improved format and thoughtful modifications based on years of feedback from our customers.

We at STI Marine recognize that digging through type approval certificates and manufacturer’s drawings can be extremely time-consuming. To ease this process for our customers and reduce guesswork, we’re making an effort to produce documentation that is exceptionally user-friendly. Among the formatting improvements are the following:

  • Breaking down of manufacturer’s drawings by application, eliminating the need to meticulously scan through pages of irrelevant information to find what you need.
  • Tables which very clearly indicate approved collar positions for each pipe type and size.
  • A set of explicit insulation instructions for both A-0 and A-60 divisions for every collar size, pipe type, and collar orientation.
  • Simplification of pipe insulation requirements, which may now be found directly beneath each table and are indicated throughout the table.

In addition to new and improved coverage for various pipe types and sizes, we’ve made several noteworthy improvements to our collar systems, themselves:

  • Off-sized pipes may be addressed using the next collar size up, with an additional application of MFS Marine Firestop Sealant to close the small gap between the pipe and collar flange.
  • For MFC-W Marine Watertight Firestop Collars, this quick application of MFS Sealant may be used to achieve water and gastightness in lieu of the watertight rubber grommet.
  • MFC-W Marine Watertight Firestop Collars may now be inserted through the opening, or mounted around the opening, allowing the installer more options.

We are always seeking ways to improve our customers’ experience from start to finish, and would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have as to how we may do so. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience at with any questions or comments you might have regarding these new type approval certificates.