New RINA MED Certificates

May 20, 2021 by Peter Schmitt, Product Engineer - Marine

We at STI Marine Firestop, a division of Specified Technologies Inc., are pleased to announce the release of our new and improved RINA MED Certificates! This set of pipe and cable transit certificates are our most comprehensive yet! Continue reading below to learn how we have managed to further enhance our firestop solutions!


EZ-Path® Marine Cable Transits:

This certificate includes our entire EZ-Path® line which consists of MDM150, MDM300 and MDM400 transits. It may be used for A-Class steel and aluminum divisions, and now A-Class joiner panel bulkheads as well. We have included an improved insulation configuration for single EZ-Path® MDM150 transits in A-0 steel bulkheads with significantly reduced insulation. In response to customer feedback, we have also added a configuration for beverage lines using single EZ-Path® MDM150 transits in A-Class steel decks. These transits are ideal for beverage lines, which must be frequently replaced, so we plan on continuing to broaden our coverage for these types of penetrants. Among the most exciting updates are new gang configurations for the MDM150! In addition to the existing single and 4-gang MDM150 transits, 2-gang, 3-gang and 6-gang configurations will soon be available. Not only will this offer more flexibility on cable capacity, but also cable positioning. The wider 3-gang and 6-gang configurations are a perfect fit for cable trays, allowing for a smoother transition to and from the transit to minimize bending of cables.


MFC Marine Firestop Collars:

This certificate includes our entire line of Marine Firestop Collars (i.e. MFC, MFC-W, MFC-G and MFC-T Collars), and may be used for watertight or non-watertight A-Class steel and aluminum divisions, H-Class steel divisions, and now A-Class joiner panel bulkheads as well. It features an incredibly wide range of penetrant types and sizes, which of course includes plastic pipes, single metallic pipes, bundled metallic pipes and composite pipes. Among the most notable improvements is enhancement of our MFC-G Collar line, which can now accommodate composite pipes over one meter in outer diameter! New configurations for individual watertight cables, bundled cables, and even spiral wound steel ducts have been added as well. We continue to discover innovative ways to provide solutions using our Marine Firestop Collars!


MPACT® Marine Pipe & Cable Transit:

This certificate features a multitude of approved configurations in watertight or non-watertight A-Class steel and aluminum divisions, and now A-Class panel bulkheads as well. It includes different insulation options for shorter/longer sleeves up to 600mm x 1000mm, penetrations through A-0 steel divisions without additional insulation, and a wide variety of penetrant types including metallic and plastic pipes, cables, and even multi-tubes and AB/PVC insulated metallic pipes. To replace old or poorly maintained modular block systems, this certificate features the MPACT® Marine Retrofit Sleeve, which is designed to fit all common #6 and #8 frames. This certificate also includes the MPACT® Marine Sleeve, another new product of ours. Rather than continuously welding a sleeve to the division, it may be secured via two quick tack welds, or screws to avoid hot work.


MPACT® Tuck-In Pipe Transit:

The MPACT® Tuck-In is approved for use in in watertight or non-watertight A-Class steel divisions around individual plastic pipes. It consists of a steel sleeve containing two stacks, two layers of MWS Marine Wrap Strip and MFS Marine Firestop Sealant applied flush with both sleeve ends. While we do have plastic pipe coverage with our standard MPACT® system, this certificate allows for a wider range of plastic pipe types (i.e. ABS, PVC, uPVC, CPVC, PB, PE, PP, and PPr), with outer diameters as large as 169mm. This is also the first of our MPACT® Tuck-In certificates to feature use of our recently launched MSL Marine Silicone Sealant around CPVC pipes.


MPU Marine Firestop Putty:

This certificate may be used for A-Class steel and aluminum divisions and H-Class steel divisions. It
is the first of our MPU Putty certificates to feature recent H-Class bulkhead testing. The MPU Putty system consists of a steel sleeve containing tightly packed mineral wool insulation, over which our putty is applied flush with both sleeve ends. Since MPU Putty is non-hardening, it may be easily removed and reinstalled to accommodate cable changes, making it a great material to keep on board for quick repairs at sea.


MSS Marine Snap-Seal Cable Plug:

This certificate may be used for A-Class steel and aluminum divisions. It features coverage in A-0 steel and aluminum divisions without any additional insulation, and also includes small diameter copper and PVC tubes. Installation is as simple as cutting a hole, pulling the penetrant, snapping the plug together, and pushing it through the opening. The plug automatically engages the division via pre-bent tabs on the side. Should ingress protection be necessary, Snap-Seal has been tested to IP66 with a thin application of MFS Sealant over the flange, as shown above.

STI Marine Firestop will continue to push the boundaries of passive fire protection to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are very excited to introduce these new RINA MED Certificates, allowing our pipe and cable transits to be used in ways never seen before!

Please feel free to visit our website ( where you can find additional information about our products or use our Type Approval Submittal Builder® to quickly navigate through all our Type Approval Certificates.

When nothing less than the best will do, STI Marine Firestop has the solutions for you!