STI Marine Firestop’s Busbar Device Saves Time On Meyer Werft’s “Disney Wish”

Jun 16, 2022 by Ruben Wansink

STI Marine (MBD) Marine Busbar Device

On June 9, 2022, MEYER WERFT of Papenburg, Germany, delivered the 341-Meter Disney Wish. The Disney Wish is the largest ship in their fleet and the first new vessel Disney has commissioned in over a decade.

STI Marine Firestop supplied MBD100 Marine Busbar Devices, significantly reducing the amount of steelwork, installation time, and weight on board this vessel in the electrical service shafts.

Traditional busbar penetration systems consisted of welded steel sleeves where the high voltage electrical busbar trunk had to be mounted through and then filled with rubber tubes and silicone from above and below the decks. The installation of these systems was time-consuming and performed in poorly ventilated shafts that would require scaffolding, temporary lighting, and several different stages in the logistic and production process.

STI Marine MBD100

MBD100 installation in an A-Class Steel deck

The STI Marine MBD100 Marine Busbar Device was developed in conjunction with the electrical design team at Meyer Werft, fire tested, and certified in a record time of just five months.

Installation time inside a very narrow, dark vertical shaft was reduced from 6.5 hours to 30 minutes using the MBD100 Marine Busbar Device. An installer can easily transport the lightweight Busbar Device and install only from the top side of the deck without requiring ladders or scaffolding to finalize the work from beneath the deck as traditional fire safety silicone-based solutions do.

The MBD100 Device also allows for more movement and vibration in the busbar trunk, reducing vibration transmission and noise from the trunk to the decks. The MBD100 is an approved A-0 and A-60 solution for use in steel bulkheads and decks.

The yard faced many challenges during the pandemic. However, according to Cruise Industry News, “In a great team effort together with our partner companies, the classification society, and the crew on board, we managed to complete the Disney Wish in the best possible way and let the typical Disney magic move onboard,” according to Meyer Werft Project Manager, Henning Stellermann.

Congratulations to Disney and MEYER WERFT on the delivery of Disney Wish! STI Marine Firestop is very proud to have been a part of this project, knowing that we played a small role in saving many man-hours of installation onboard and contributing to the fire safety onboard. Safe travels to all her passengers and crew.


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