Type Approval & Submittal Builder

Dec 09, 2020 by Kevin McKay - Regional Manager Gulf of Mexico / Florida

We at STI Marine Firestop continue to work hard to streamline your firestopping experience from start to finish! Whether you are looking for a data sheet, installation sheet or type approval certificate, we want to provide you all the information you need at your fingertips. Our new Submittal Builder not only provides easy access to all of our approvals, but allows you to pick and choose which supporting documentation you would like to include in your submittal! To access this tool, all you need to do is register for an Access STI account on our website. Once registered, you will be granted access to the Type Approval & Submittal Builder tab.

This tool allows you to quickly filter through our approvals by agency, penetrant type, division type, Class, and more to determine which of our firestop systems are best suited for your project. You may simply download individual approvals for immediate use, or check off approvals that you would like to include in a submittal. Once you have selected the approvals you would like to include, select “Generate Submittal”.

Upon selecting “Generate Submittal”, you will be prompted to input any information that you would like to appear on the title page of the submittal. Your contact information will auto-populate based on the information provided when you register for your Access STI account. This can be changed as you see fit, and project-specific information can be added as well.

The next step is to decide which supporting documentation you would like to be included in the submittal. Any data sheets, installation instructions, etc. that correspond to the selected approvals will be automatically pre-checked. You now have the option customize which supporting documents you would like to be included, or simply select “Save Submittal”.

Upon selecting “Save Submittal”, all the selected documents will be compiled into a single file, and you will be shown a summary of its contents. This file may be saved as a PDF by selecting “Download Submittal”.

Any submittals you create will be automatically saved to your Access STI account for future use. By selecting “My Submittals” you may view and manage all previously generated submittals. Rather than starting from scratch, save time by using existing submittals as the basis for future submittals on similar projects!

Check us out at WWW.STIMARINE.COM and register for access to the new Type Approval & Submittal Builder.