Watertight Sealing with Ease and Flexibility

Dec 05, 2016 by James P. Stahl Jr., Vice President & General Manager

The demand for cabling onboard vessels has increased substantially. Watertight firestopping systems featuring the use of liquid-applied sealants have gained in popularity. Often these types of transit systems will allow a greater fill percentage of cable through a smaller footprint. They will also allow for irregular cable spacing or cables that do not necessarily traverse directly through the division on a 90 degree angle. The ease of installation combined with the flexibility of cable placement compared to conventional cable transits is the compelling value proposition for the shipyard or contractor.

STI Marine’s MPACT™ System is the industry’s fastest and most flexible transit system to date. Using only two components, the MPACT System consists of a proprietary fibrous packing material (MPACT Filler Blanket) and a hybrid polymer sealant (MFS Firestop Sealant). It is fully tested to the 2010 IMO FTP Code for use in fire-rated bulkheads and decks. It is also tested for water tightness and gas tightness. It is subject to various approvals and Type Approvals from US Coast Guard, ABS, DNV GL, Lloyds Register, BV, and more. It can be re-penetrated after installation to add new services and the seal may be patched or repaired with additional MFS Sealant.

The MPACT Filler Blanket is easy to cut, roll, and pack into a transit sleeve or coaming. It can support irregularly spaced cables and cables may pass through on an angle. The MFS Sealant is formulated to be easy to dispense from caulk tubes or foil-packs. The viscosity of MFS makes it conducive to installations where there are larger gaps or voids or overhead installations without being prone to sagging or slumping like standard silicone sealants. It also features an 18 month shelf life, far superior to standard silicone shelf life. Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content is about 1/3rd of the volume of standard silicones, so the sealant is also a better choice environmentally. Once fully cured, MFS forms a flexible shield against fire, smoke, hot gases, and water.

Shipyards and contractors can significantly reduce installation time with the MPACT System. Additionally, testing is available for transit tube lengths as short as 152 mm, which is a roughly 25% reduction on sleeve length from most liquid-applied sealant transit systems, thereby reducing weight and saving on steel costs.

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